Easy like Sunday Morning

As the light poured into this beautiful home on a brisk Sunday morning, a sweet toddler shyly welcomed me with her favourite stuffy at the door. As Mama and I chatted and walked through the home to view the spaces we would use, I could see the little mementos of the children everywhere. An office taken over by toys, stickers on windows and beautiful drawings hung up proudly. I could tell these sweet girls were so loved and the traces of that were sprinkled throughout the home. It felt so warm and welcoming.

The session felt light, as Mom fed baby, Dad played with big sister and there I was, like a fly on the wall, clicking my camera. Capturing those real moments filled with smiles, sometimes tired sighs and the tighest snuggles from the such a loving big sister. As we made our way around the home, playing and snuggling, I clicked away. Giving a bit a direction here and there but letting the moments unfold naturally.

As our time came to a close, in true toddler fashion, big sister let us know she was tired and needed some leftover birthday cake from her party. The dogs made a quick appearance and I eventually I said my goodbyes so I could hurry home for coffee and to edit a sneak peek. This session I felt was a true testament to the fact, that the best thing you can bring to a session is a lighthearted approach and the connection your family naturally has.