The best shots are always the ones when you're playing

The era of perfectly matched families squeezed into a small store studio in front of a backdrop with forced smiles pasted on their faces is long gone (for the most part). Family photography has made a well-needed shift into a more natural and candid style called 'lifestyle'. I myself couldn't be more happier about it. Let's be honest, trying to get your kids to sit perfectly still and convincing them not do that awkward smile they seemed to have learned out of nowhere is an exhausting experience. So why do it? Why not let them run, play, jump into dads arms, curl up in moms lap, do that silly dance move that makes you laugh, and show their real personalities. Let's usher in the era of family photos that we don't dread but instead have fun doing.

In reality its the in-between moments that we will look back on and remember fondly when they're grown. The way their tiny hands fit into ours, how they look at us with so much love that our hearts feel like they'll explode, and even the way they seek comfort in our arms when they're upset. Right now the days blend together and these little moments seem almost mundane or heavy. Trust me. I know. Parenthood is so damn hard. The days are long, full of messes, tantrums, busy schedules, and for some reason always needing to convince your child to wear a jacket, even when its below zero. (Or is that just my stubborn child?). We crave those few hours of quiet when the day is done but simitinously miss them so much when they are in bed.

However as they grow and those moments become more fleeting we will look back at them longingly. Which is why I aim to capture those little things. Whether its your toddler gripping your single finger with might or your preteen showing off the latest Tik Tok dance proudly, I love to capture every age and all that comes with it. So I say let's climb logs, run through the grass, dig our toes into the sand, be absolutely silly and even splash in the water together.